„Bats in towns“ team

Matti Masing, Tartu, Estonia
studying bats since 1975

Tiit Piiskoppel, Tartu, Estonia
studying bats since 2015

Kazimieras Baranauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania
studying bats since 1995

Terhi Wermundsen, Espoo, Finland
studying bats since 2001

We care about bats living in European towns.

We are ready to help them using both our enthusiasm and long-term experience with bat research and bat protection in Europe.

We hope that bats are thankful to our determined work based on the appreciation of natural values.

Kazimieras Baranauskas, Yrjö Siivonen and Terhi Wermundsen preparing for a bat-night in Aukštadvaris Regional Park, Lithuania. (photo by Matti Masing, 2005)

Matti Masing and Tiit Piiskoppel during bat conference in Gibraltar, December 2018. 
(photo by Kaie Linroos, 2018)