Golden Steps of Honour

Golden Steps of Honour ...
to protect natural values such as bats
in Europe and around the world

Five steps to move forward, and to get the results in Real Nature Conservation (RNC).

Step ONE. Put important bat sites (IBS) on the map, using the best available knowledge gained by the best available bat experts.

Step TWO. Reveal what bats are doing at these sites, and which are their survival requirements.

Step THREE. Include IBS in area planning schemes and other human activity plans, so important bat areas and habitats become visible.

Step FOUR. Prepare a bat population support scheme (BPSS) for the area, and include in it a persistent and effective monitoring scheme both for the bat population and BPSS. This scheme should be good enough and clear enough to enable its easy implementation over time.

Step FIVE. Implement your BPSS, and advertise your doings among the public.

Thank you for your attention!

This Genius of Nature Conservation advice was brought to you by our „Bats in Towns” team.

We wish you luck and good will in implementing important nature conservation measures on planet Earth!

And now? .... It is time to start making YOUR Golden Steps of Honour!

Haapsalu, 25th of May 2017

Matti Masing,
expert of European boreal fauna

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