Building a knowledge-based society

Building a knowledge-based human society in Europe and on planet Earth

To build a knowledge-based society in Europe, and perhaps on the whole planet, one has to move forward, e.g. do interest based science (IBS) first, and after that give his fruitful contribution to the society. (Matti Masing, 20.7.2017)

The programme, and its key element "Bats in Towns"

Celebrating its 20th anniversary Sicista Development Centre (Sicista DC) launches a powerful programme „Building a knowledge-based human society in Europe and on planet Earth” in July 2017.

The first step in implementing this programme is to widely advertise the project "Bats in Towns", which our NGO released in 2012.

In the project Bats in Towns, a clear plan is proposed for European towns, so they can actively participate in building a knowledge-based society within their communities.

Preparatory work of this project has been done in various European towns already since the early 1990s, the results of which are highlighted on the website Bats in Towns released by Sicista DC in March 2012.

How we see cooperation in the project Bats in Towns?

The basics of this cooperation are described on our website Bats in Towns, but the work details we are ready to discuss with those interested in the present topic.

Sicista DC offers European communities basic grounds to develop a knowledge-based human society. In the project Bats in Towns this includes the following work: mapping, counting and identifying bat species living in towns. On the basis of professional fieldwork, in which ultrasound detectors are used, we present the results of our work in various forms including written reports, educational films, photo exhibitions, expert advice, indoor presentations and outdoor learning events. 

From our partners we expect cooperation in the form of providing maps, licenses, work agreements, as well as other items and support required to efficiently carry out the work.

This way we can build a knowledge-based human society together. This is the society where people can live a more happy, more healthy and nature-friendly life.

Tartu, Estonia
20th of July 2017

Matti Masing,
PhD in European boreal bats

E-mail: matti.masing (at)

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