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Books published in 2015

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Masing, M. 2015. Eesti nahkhiired. Sicista Arenduskeskus, Haapsalu ja Tartu, 116 lk.

Raamatu tutvustaja ja levitaja: Sicista Arenduskeskus

Masing, M. 2015. Bats of Estonia and adjacent regions. Sicista Development Centre, Haapsalu and Tartu, 116 pp.

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Bat species found in Europe, 1975–2014

(Tables 16 and 17 of the above book)

Presentation film from May 2017 (in English)

Bat talk in Espoo, Finland, 18th of May 2017
On Thursday, 18th of May 2017 at 19.00

Villa Apteekki, Pappilantie 5, Espoo

Bats of Estonia and North Espoo (habitat requirements and ways of protection).
A presentation and a night walk guided by Dr. Matti Masing, expert of European boreal bats.
A special film about learning bats at Högnäs, North Espoo has been shown to the participants. -->

Masing, M. 2017. Bats of Högnäs - happy and free. Sicista Videos, 2017.

Presentation film from July 2017 (in Estonian)

Masing, M. 2017. Nahkhiired Eestis, Võrus ja mujal Euroopas: nahkhiirte liigid ja elupaigad. Ettekanne Võrumaa Keskraamatukogus. Võru, 11.7.2017.

[Masing, M. 2017. Bats in Estonia, Võru and elsewhere in Europe. A presentation in Central Library of Võru county. Võru, Estonia, 11.7.2017. In Estonian.]

Much of this presentation has been filmed. The first 14 min of this film can be found here -->

Bat night film from August 2020 (in Estonian)

Public Bat Night at Pühajärve, Estonia, 16th of August 2020
On Sunday, 16th of August 2020 at 22.00

Pühajärve Sõjatamm, South Estonia

Masing, M. 2020. Nahkhiired Eestimaa öös. Nahkhiireõhtu Pühajärvel, 16.8.2020. (loodusõppe film)

Further learning about bats and their environment .... (in Estonian)

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